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Artist Bio

Luladey Takele Teshome was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Completing her bachelor’s degree Sociology, she started her career in education where she served as a program associate and taught art at Mother Caroline Academy in Boston, M.A. She is currently serving as a director of college and career counseling at Maranyundo Girls’ school in Nyamata, Rwanda.   As a result of her exposure abroad and career experience, she saw the importance of depiction and representation of the African culture and the African people. Luladey has been drawn to art since childhood. She started with recreating existing artwork, and it stuck with her ever since. The joy felt led her to exercise her creativity through different mediums, painting, designing, photography, and ink sketch. Luladey describes art as the mother of all existence and believes that artistic creativity is conceived, developed, defined, and redefined until it’s free to exist in a space to create. Her art is inspired by her African Roots, her relationships, and her pursuit of her personal truth.

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