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Innocent P. Mbasela "Mwaipungu” is an artist from  Dar es Salaam, Tanzania(East Africa). Currently living in Baltimore City, Maryland USA. His work has been shown in exhibitions around Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. And his paintings have been sold to art patrons around the world. He inherited his love of art from his father before he passed away in 1994.  Mwaipungu developed his career at Nafasi Art Space before joining Mwenge Vijana Art, where he received many awards.  Mwaipungu also spends his free time working with children residing in the many Tanzanian orphanages, and encourages art appreciation through his passion.  He has worked with NGO's, international schools, and sponsored Art and Wine parties.  When not painting, Mwaipungu works as an unofficial guide Organizing Tours to visitors who visit his beautiful country Tanzania.  Mwaipungu can be reached at or or via Facebook at Mwaipungu Mikato Art or Instagram at Mikato Art .

Mwaipungu uses various mediums of art, such as acrylics, oil and water color.  Through cubism inspiration, he has reinvented his own unique style dubbed "M i k a t o A r t". Mwaipungu  blends colors and various mediums to create DOPE, bold and beautiful art pieces.


About  M I K A T O  A R T:

I use various art mediums, such as acrylic, oil and water color. Through the inspiration of cubism, I have invented my unique style called "Mikato art".  In Swahili the word Mikato is used to complement creative, innovative and stylish things, as well as describing something cut or fragmented.  In every piece of art that I create, I must think deeply to inspire unique techniques. Recently I have begun creating texture with mesh that leaves an amazing touch. In kiswahili we can say "Mikato imekaa poa sana", which means "the style (innovation) is really good".

I use Mikato Art to describe my work because it is completely connected with innovation.

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