Color Me Africa Fine Arts Gallery supports, cultivates and promotes the diverse contribution of Africa in the arts, through exhibitions and programs that serve to educate and enrich the communities we serve. We create and provide professional development and public programs that invite discussions about African art and its place in the global art market.


African art is given equal access and placement in the art world.

Highlights from The Good Work Exhibition 2nd Edition

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African fine art is some of the most beautiful and aesthetically appealing art you can find. African art draws from a rich cultural history to create gorgeous paintings and murals that are wholly distinct from most other art on the market. Whether you have African heritage and want to connect with it or you’re simply inspired by the beauty and power of African fine art, the works of these talented artists will appeal to you.

Color Me Africa Fine Arts

Color Me Africa Fine Arts is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the beauty of African fine art culture to the world. Our team of dedicated individuals works tirelessly to ensure that artists are treated fairly and that their work is as visible as possible. Visit our contact page today to learn more about our mission and our products.