Artist: Joe Madisia - (Josef F H Madisia).

Country: Namibia. B-1954

JOSEF Madisia's life journey and his evolution as an artst is in many ways intertwined with and symbolic of Namibia's recent history. Born in 1954 in Lüderitz, Madisia belongs to the genera&on that has witnessed the final stages of apartheid colonialism and the first decades of the country's Independence. His opportunies and artistic development were largely affected and influenced by external circumstances.

As a fountain of wisdom for his craft, he aims to share his acquired techniques and the significance of the aesthetics implored into cardboard printmaking. His accolades and personal achievements as an artist on a global scale place him in the top tier of visionaries on the continent. Madisia believes in the humanitarian and spiritual power of art to evoke social change. He was never inspired by par&san politics, but by an inner creative energy to achieve unity and reconciliation and reshape black pride and identity a6er apartheid. However, Madisia’s significant contribu&ons to the Namibian art community did not end with his artwork or by being an exemplary role model for black

youth; instead, his achievements as a teacher, board member, and art administrator must be considered for the role they played in reestablishing black culture and creating opportunity for younger artists. Born at a historical harbor town called Lüderitz, Madisia remembers crayfish fishing as a child with his friends, a free delicacy for him growing up. He credits his grandma, a seamstress, for provoking his earliest inner artistic ability. He would play with scissors and textles and make elementary art with that. When he moved to Walvis Bay in the 70s, he began strumming guitar with a band he formed with his friends, called 'Children of Pluto' and working in the fishing factories. By the mid 1980’ she moved to the capital city to pursue art studies and shape his career. He now resides at Mariental in Southern Namibia with his family as a full time visual artist his studio, and engaged in assisting his spouse, an ardent animal lover with livestock farming.

Available artworks CMAFA_Namibian Citize