“I love to paint about my experiences in life. I cherish special moments, longings, opinions and beliefs. I do not call it 'social commentary,' rather – my life in pictures. Everything around me, is a symbol of LIFE."


Edith Schmidt is an artist and art and music teacher for the last 34 years. She earned her B.A. (BK), U.P. in 1976 and completed her B.A. (HOD) at UNISA 1982, as well as Licentiate in Music (UNISA). Over the time of her career she has been commissioned to paint numerous politicians. Edith has participated in numerous group exhibitions in South Africa and London. Collectors from Brasilia, Germany and Australia have bought her paintings. Edith is the founder of the Art Association of Cullinan and Rayton. She has a mission to inspire all around her to value art and music and to teach art to as many aspiring artists and in as wide a field as possible