My work is a representation of fascinations to my  personal universe, shaped by re-appropriating cultural memory through familiar materials and objects placed within the new contexts.

I deconstruct objects and reconstruct compositions out of found fabrics that are cut and  stitched together o create patterns, shapes, form and movement. The folds and creases in my flexible composition are integral elements of an aesthetic meant to change with time and gravity. 

My practice can best be described as a form of adaptation and a response to my surroundings and cultural influences often inspired by my African contemporary culture upbringing . As a new Artist   to Canada, l currently find myself trying to adapt to new elements and materials. Bringing in familiar fabrics and objects that l incorporate into different frames assigning to them a new functionality.  Here, Up-cycling functions to promote an idea of reaction and personal appropriation to a new environment, by this adding a methodology and a new meaning to the final creation. 

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