“As an artist, I find myself at a transitional stage in my work, transforming from commercial to more conceptually charged works. Challenged by trash in the streets, engaging more with it as is an important art material that adds value to my artistic narrative.”


Ndabuko’s focus on art followed him all through his education from preschool to high school. He moved to Alexandra Township where he began developing his craft at the Alexandra Art Center for less advantaged artist. Doors started opening up to galleries and exhibitions unfortunately to unscrupulous art dealers who exploited artists from the townships and villages and are perpetuating the struggle for artists like Ndabuko to secure a healthy life for himself and his family.

Today, Ndabuko is a well-established sculptor, painter and singer. Ndabuko Ntuli has a masterpiece that has been sculptured from the valleys and fields of KwaZulu-Natal to become one of the most creative and inspirational stories of our time. He has been featured in a number of group exhibitions in South Africa, London and the US