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Our Vision:

To ensure equal placement of African Artist in the Contemporary Art Market.

Color Me Africa Fine Arts is centered on creating an awareness of South African and African visual artists. It aims to create an understanding of the continent for the continent through visual culture and serves as a coming together, a bridge between communities through art and culture. As a touring platform CMAFA provides exposure for artists and audiences to  diverse African cultures across the continent and globally.


CMAFA is an organization committed to bringing African visual artists an equal platform addressing the challenges that exist as a result of apartheid and colonization across Africa.

With a base in South Africa, the organization aims to level the playing field for contemporary visual artists on the African continent, with a specific focus on previously & currently marginalized communities who are still largely excluded from access to the arts. Through its programs CMAFA intends to shift the position on African art and center it within the continent, providing better development, resources and access to art and artists. It will provide training and professional development, preparing artists for international markets, PR and marketing, local and international exhibition opportunities.


  • Support, develop and nurture South African contemporary visual artists, with specific focus on previously and currently marginalized communities

  • Create and serve as an incubation hub for artists in South Africa, Africa and abroad.

  • Exhibit the works of contemporary South African & African visual artists locally and globally

  • Support and nurture the narratives told through art through authentic African voices.

  • Develop and broaden networks and audiences for African contemporary art practice globally

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