“The degree to which colors have been used in nature, challenges me extremely, and this in itself has spurred me to look at colors in a different light altogether.”

John studied and completed industrial design at a technikon college in Johannesburg, South Africa. After the challenge of not finding employment in his field of study, he worked as a technician and an HP printer dealer, but continued painting after work.

John’s first collection was inspired by his native country featuring wildlife and the different tribes from his native land. This was followed by a string of commissions for more wildlife by a collector in Wicklow, Ireland keeping him very busy. His passion is expressed in every painting, leaving a piece of his soul therein. He expresses multiple styles from landscape, abstract, realism or anatomy. He extends himself to the point of being transparent before the viewer. The mediums he paints in are mixed, ranging from enamels, oils, acrylics, metal dusts and tea leaves.

In addition to creating his passion, John shares his passion for art through teaching. The Umbuyisa School of Art in Soweto is one the schools where he teaches and has a studio for his artworks. Based in the golden mile of Vilakazi Street (home to Mandela and Tutu) it stirs up such a mystic narrative to the local art scenes and faces. There, John and colleague, Tsepho, work with the youth and provide them with food and funds.


John’s work has been exhibited in South Africa, Ireland, and the US.