Jadens work is extremely free and has a raw sense of gestural movement. 

Although it crosses into graffiti like images, it is clearer and slightly more reserved. Highly expressionistic in style, he uses an intuitive approach similar to Abstract expressionist paintings.

Jaden Williams painted most of the paintings on site at age 11. He is currently 16 years old and comes from a tight knit family of four

Currently living in Cape Town, Bellville South, Jaden's parents are hard working people who have a small Recycling business. They recycle with the City of Cape Town  to reduce waste going to the landfill and to help the less fortunate community in the areas around their business with recyclable materials and goods that can be reused at their homes.

Jaden's parents saw his art and creative potential from the young age of 6. During these years he used to play soccer but decided at 9 years old that he was not passionate about sports anymore.

His father ( James) met art teacher Lioda Conrad at his recycling business in February 2019. He told Lioda that at age 10 Jaden had the potential to do very well in art and they agreed that he should come in for a lesson. Soon after they could see a huge difference and development in his art work and Jaden loved art.

Jaden loves working with Lioda and his parents are happy with his progress because she believes in him and that brings out the best in him.
He calls himself "Jay TEE" on his art work.

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